Limited Service MLS Flat Fee Real Estate Listing Agent, $299

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Price $299.00 Limited Service MLS Flat Fee Real Estate Listing Agent Florida provides an innovative Florida Realtor sales plan with a low commission Realtor, as compared to our full service home for sale listing; you save about 35%* or more. Using a Low commission flat fee real estate agent in Florida has an average cost of $299 listing fee and a total of 4%* commission paid at the closing, including all listing agent and buyers agent commission. If finds the buyer and you are available to show the home, we charge only 1.5% to 2.5% to help both the buyer and the seller as Transaction broker, futher reducing your commission at closing. The new total commission is 1.5% to 2.5%, depending on the value of the home and established in our listing agreement with you.  Complete this simple form to receive a detailed offer prior to your flat fee listing payment, because higher values = better rates. Limited Service is only limited in that we do not visit the home, but we do represent all of your interests in the sale as a single agent full representative. We provide a 18"x24" coroplast sign and a lockbox, price opinion, market reports, answer all calls, verify all realtors, make appointments, gather feedback, follow up, negotiate, contract the sale and follow through to closing with expert support. The $399.00 listing fee buys the reduced rate, sign, lockbox and no cancellation fee.

     The seller's obligation is to provide pictures and visit the property to install the yard sign and lockbox, as well as make any other visits to the property that may be required for an inspection , final walkthrough or any reason as applicable. Photographers are available from of $250.00 to $500 generally, ask about the details.

 Let's work together so you can keep more of your own equity while selling your residential or commercial real estate with the support of an experienced real estate office -




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Download & Print Forms- Scan & Email to Forms can be mailed with a check to 3204 Cody St New Port Richey, FL 34655. please wait until I send your listing agreement to print.


Listing Agreement Download not available for Limited Service MLS until we have owner names, your email addresses and the property address. Call 813-333-5095 for details, then we can email you the completed customized listing agreement to review, print and sign.


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Make Limited Service MLS Payment (MC, Visa, Amex, Discover, Paypal or By Mail to 3204 Cody St New Port Richey, FL 34655)


* You must complete all information, if you don't know something, find out. For dowloaded forms, add a page for written description and any details you could possibly explain. This helps us depict all aspect so your home can be found in all relevant online searches.

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